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First Post

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Hello! This is my very first blog post…

…built on Jekyll.

In November 2018, I taught myself how to build a website. When I was looking for a free platform to publish it, I found this static site generator.

Jekyll's quick start instructions.

Jekyll's quick start instructions.

How the hell do I run it? What is “gem”?

Pretty much that was my first impression. Even though the site said “simple”, I didn’t think it was. A big no for me. Then I found Github Pages and stayed with it.

It was long until recently I wanted to write again (pst, I used to be a blogger on Linkin Park Indonesia). I visited Jekyll yesterday and wow! Things got simpler after I graduated from a coding bootcamp. Now I know what those commands mean. Written in Ruby, gem is like node, and Gemfile is like package.json in Javascript.

There are so many cool templates but I picked Noir and tweaked it a little bit. Minimalist, well-organized, and does not focus on the image.

You are a web developer now. So why don’t you build your own?

It’s time-consuming at the moment. Besides, I want to focus on the content instead. There will be diverse topics, be it music, technology, or even some rants. I don’t set a fixed theme for this blog.

Why do you name it “Into the Blue Hour”?

It is my favorite moment of the day—a peaceful transition into tranquility.

Blue hour

Blue hour (source: Wireless Soul)

See you on the next post! 👋